It’s no secret that persons with numerous vision disorders find it difficult to wear two pairs of glasses at the same time, one for distance and the other for reading. Any eyewear store would charge a premium for prescription eyeglasses, as you’d have to pay for both the distance and the reading glasses.

BritishGoggles4u, fortunately, offers inexpensive Varifocals, which are exactly what you require. Varifocal Eyeglasses are designed for those who need prescription lenses for a variety of vision difficulties, including distance, reading, and intermediate vision (Computer).

Far Vision or distance eyeglasses are designed to solve a single-vision problem, however, Varifocal Eyeglasses can handle many vision problems simultaneously with just one pair of eyeglasses.

Varifocal Eyeglasses have a prescription lens that is divided into three distinct portions with no apparent lines. The top of the lens is for distant vision, the middle for intermediate or arm’s length vision, and the bottom for near/close up vision.

You must stare at the precise region of your lens for your vision requirement to see via the Varifocal glasses. Because the edge of the lens is normal, some people may experience minor distortion with their varifocal glasses. It may take some time for you to adjust to your Varifocal glasses. You would be able to see far better than you could with single vision eyeglasses by that time.

You may get affordable branded varifocal lenses in the broader corridor and free form at BritishGoggles4u. Prescription lenses for the entire lens are available in wider corridor varifocals. We also have two varieties of free-form varifocals: Varilux Physio/Short and Comfort.

Both of them are available in the Designer Frames collection and can be ordered together.

For your vision segments, you’ll need to purchase a frame that can support varifocal lenses. We recommend that you choose a frame with a minimum eye height of 30 mm.

So, at BritishGoggles4u, you can get your varifocal eyeglasses at the most inexpensive costs. If you are not satisfied with your varifocal eyeglasses, you can always contact our online customer care team, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.